also known as that Insidiously villainous DM guy...

Real Name : Jerry Miller
Base of Operation : Ohio, United States
Gaming Status : GM for Multiple Systems (i.e. d20, Storyteller Games, etc.)
Preferred Character : I haven't run a character in years... my GMing is too much in demand...
Preferred Gameworld : When I must, the Planescape, or Krynn of the Dragonlance Saga. I generally create my own worlds when I am playing...
The Game right Now : Currently on hiatus after a particularly bad incident involving a vampire and a goblin conspiracy...
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Computer Information Systems student

Forget the Blade,
Forget my Hand,
Balance, and be.

(Best advice I can give, that.)

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New Kits & Classes : The Blade Maiden, The Bon Vivant, The Card Master, The Dwarven Stormhammer, The Gnomish Pyrotechnician, The Goliath, The Harlequin, The Internalist, The Jouster, The Master of the Sword, The Pegasus Knight
Latest addition : 04-07-04
Bios updated : 25-01-04

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