Real Name : Greg Korynta
Base of Operation : North Dakota
Gaming Status : GM & Player
Preferred Character : Human Arcanist or Kender "Acquirer"
Preferred Gameworld : Forgotten Realms
The Game right Now : Inactive, but always trying.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Take up space.

Have fun and game!
e-mail :
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Creator of :
New Kits & Classes : Arcanist, Bladesinger, Divine Channeler, Scout, Spellweaver, Swashbuckler
Alternate 3rd Edition Rules : Apprentice Level Characters, Critical Miss Table, Personal-Growth Items
Misc. Ideas : Aros's Curious Curios, Class Construction System V1.5, Emetriel's Fine Flights, The Pink Dragon, Player Character Sheet 3.5
Random Magic Items Tables
Latest addition : 27-12-11
Bios updated : 04-02-04

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