Lasivian T. Dark

Real Name : Lasivian
Base of Operation : Phoenix, Arizona
Gaming Status : Out of Sync (haven't played in a long time)
Preferred Character : Mage/Thief
Preferred Gameworld : Greyhawk
The Game right Now : Pathetic, but better than before WOTC bought TSR
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Asheron's Call, Make Chainmail, Look for work

e-mail :
Creator of :
New Items (Oils & Potions) : Potion of Mushrooms, Potion of Muting
New Items (Jewelry) : Ring of the Mouse
New Items (Misc. Stuff) : Acorns of Healing, Hilt of Conjuring
Campaigns & Plots : The Orcs of Galazar
Latest addition :
Bios updated :

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