Johnny Bremer

Real Name : It really is his name!
Base of Operation : Denmark
Gaming Status : GM
Preferred Character : I'm a GM, thats what I do, so no preferred character
Preferred Gameworld : If it's an AD&D gamenight, it's Forgotten Realms
The Game right Now : Nothing regular, but mostly one-night sessions.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Surfing the net, listening to music, gathering knowledge, playing computer games, creating new AD&D material, writing my own game-system.

e-mail :
Creator of :
New Items (Gems & Stones) : Grimska's Gem of Death Detection
New Items (Weapons) : Fiery Dragonblade of Shaladar, Scimitair of Flight, Shadow Killer, Waterblade of Fire Annihilation, Werestiletto
New Items (Jewelry) : Talisman of Enlightment
New Items (Misc. Stuff) : Purse of Endowment, Shadow Box, Spheres of Blasting, Tome of Shadows
New Spells 1st level : Alter Cantrip, Alter Protection Type, Avoid Notice, Blood Gush, Delay Spell Effect, Detect Demons, Seethe Water
New Spells 2nd level : Alter Element, Detect Demonic Influence, Kharasir's Extended Limbs, Kharasir's Flamebolt, Kharasir's Variable Light, Limited Paralysis, Mirror Screen, Protection from Demons, Quicksand, Shadow Read
New Spells 3rd level : Compose Riddle, Create Shadow, Detect Life-force, Kharasir's Wall of Bubbles, Kharasir's Wall of Water, Reduce Shadow, Shadow Talk
New Spells 4th level : Hold Shadow, Protection From Demons -10ft radius, Shape Shadow, Wall of Mirrors
New Spells 5th level : Animate Shadow, Improved Alacrity, Improved Sense Shifting, Sense Shadow, Summon Minion, Wall of Creeping Things
New Spells 6th level : Crystalyze, Exchange Life-Force, Kharasir's Element Animation, Lesser Pact, Shadow Weapon
New Spells 7th level : Control Shadow, Kharasir's Dragon Attraction, Kharasir's Spell Reverter, Summon Demon
New Spells 8th level : Advanced Sense Shifting, Greater Pact, Kharasir's Beneficial Aging, Kharasir's Outer-Planar Creature Summon, Manipulate Shadow, Power Word, Age, Steal Energy
New Spells 9th level : Power Word, Solidyfy, Power Word, Vaporize, Reveal Truename
New Prayers 2nd level : Detect Curse, Detect Influence, Protection From Possession
New Prayers 3rd level : Banish Possessor, Detect Possession
New Prayers 4th level : Protection From Possession 10ft. Radius, Trap Possessor
New Prayers 5th level : Converse With Possessor, Transfer Possessor
New Prayers 6th level : Reveal True Name
Alternate Rules : Damn good hits!, Pin them Down!, Don't push the Wizard
Misc. Ideas : Wizard Noneweapon Proficiencies, Random Dungeons, Random Item Generator, What's in a Name
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Bios updated :

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