Dan Flowers

Real Name : Dan Flowers
Base of Operation : My home in Connecticut.
Gaming Status : Running two PCs in my friend's campaign.
Preferred Character : Afiag of the Icy Twilight: Ice Elf Wandering Master (a class of my creation as well as an elf variant of my creation), and a fugitive ex-noble.
Preferred Gameworld : Prolly our current campaign world; it is an original setting of my friend's creation, in which the party is a group of freedom fighters in a world controlled by demons.
The Game right Now : As I said, I'm playing two PCs Yasheira Rein (Air Genasi Ftr/Wiz) and Afiag of the Icy Twilight. Afiag is the highest level in our group, and Yasheira is the lowest.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : When I'm not gaming, I'm usually at school, sleeping, or hanging out with my friends/gf.

e-mail : Vay8@aol.com
Creator of :
New Races : Ice Elf
New Kits & Classes : Swordsman of the Sightless Eye, The Wandering Master
Latest addition :
Bios updated :

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