Real Name : Stefon Severance
Base of Operation : Florida
Gaming Status : DM
Preferred Character : Psion
Preferred Gameworld : Tarr (This is a work in progress)
The Game right Now :Kind of ruffing it, what with trying to make my own fantasy world/novel and playing 3 different games at once.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : I am a student in High School and in my spair time (That not spent on homework and clubs) I read books (Tolken/Salvator), play video games, exersize, draw, and what ever else I can do to fill space. I think that church is the most important part of my life, and what ever the rest of my activities don't cover...this does.

e-mail : stefon@tampabay.rr.com
Creator of :
New Monsters (3rd Edition) : Astral Troll
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