Real Name : Rasmus Christian Larsen
Base of Operation : In Your Head
Gaming Status : Player (former DM)
Preferred Character : Corbien (renegade Elven Thief)
Preferred Gameworld : Forgotten Realms
The Game right Now : Trying to establish a game with some friends, haven't been playing for almost a year.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Play in a Rockband, works, sleeps, drinks...

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New Items (Armory) : Armor of Magnetic Influences, Helm of Annoying Noises
New Items (Weapons) : Cleric's Bane, Dagger of Domination
New Items (Jewelry) : Bards' Brooch of Charm, Greenskin Necklace, Ring of Random Happenings
New Items (Clothing) : Cloak of Concealment, Gamers' Sleeve, Gloves of Juggling
New Items (Misc. Stuff) : Thieves' Picks of Perfect Performance
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