Real Name : Brian
Base of Operation :N/A
Gaming Status : Mostly DM but love to Play a Character
Preferred Character : Insane Mage
Preferred Gameworld : Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance
The Game right Now : Slow, not to many good players where i live.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Read and play video games

e-mail :

Creator of :
New Kits & Classes : Blood Magus
New Spells (Bloodpact Spells) : Armour of Blood, Bestial Fury, Blood Arrow, Blood Bolt, Blood Frenzy, Blood Touch, Bloodlust, Congeal Blood, Conjure Blood Fiend I, Conjure Blood Fiend II, Conjure Blood Fiend III, Conjure Blood Fiend IV, Conjure Blood Fiend V, Control, Erupting Blood, Gift to Caine, Rain of Caine, Raise Remains, Water to Blood
Latest addition : 30-12-03
Bios updated : 30-12-03

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