Forgotten Realms Novels

The Anthologies
Collections of stories from the past and present of the Realms. The books are discussing the issues of Valor, Infamy, Magic and Mysteries and topics as the Underdark, matters Arcane and the world below the seas.

The Avatar Trilogy
The Gods have been expelled from the heavens by the vengeful Overgod AO! Now they walk the lands of Faerun in their divine avatars, causing havoc and wild magic to sweep across the land. Heroes and villains alike are swept up in their wake, and the Realms will never be the same after The Time of Trouble!

The Avatar Series
The tale about the Gods collected in one series! Starting with the books of the Avatar Trilogy where the Gods walked the land spawning chaos, it continues with the books of the aftermath where mortals must come to term with their godhood...and its responsibilities!

The Cities Series
Cities can be sources of both adventures and dangers, just as much as the wilderness! Journey through the lands of Toril, visit its cities and take part in the adventures they hide!

The Cleric Quintet
A young cleric faces, together with his extraordinary friends, dangers of every kind, ranging from puny Goblins to mighty Dragons and fearfull Vampires.

The Cormyr Saga
Cormyr, one of the oldest kingdom in the Realms. Its a kingdom with a thousand year old history, a present still filled with secret plots and dangers, and a future which may not be there at all!

Counselors & Kings
A serie set in the magicrich kingdom of Halruaa among the magic resistant Counselors, the Kings and Nobility whom has the magic and ambition to put shame to a rampaging Dragon.

The Dark Elf Trilogy
In the great city of the Drow, Menzoberranzan, a boy is born, a boy unlike other Drows. He contains innocence and honor, unlike the normally wicked and evil Drows. His name is Drizzt Do'Urden, and he must survive in a society where the weak ones are sacrificed in honor of Lolth, Queen God of Spiders.

The Druidhome Trilogy
20 years after the Moonshae Trilogy took place, Tristan and Robyn, High king and Queen of the islands, faces, together with their two grown-up daughters, menaces and evil of a new kind. The evil God, Bhaal is dead by now, but new Gods and their minions is seeking vengeance on the Moonshae Islands.

The Elminsters Series
Elminster! The name alone invokes fear, hate or smile in most people in the realms! More than 500 years old, he is now the mightiest mage in all of Faerun! His history will fill coutless volumes, this is just a part of it!

The Empires Trilogy
A powerful warlord has gathered the Tuigan horsetribes into the worlds greatest army, an army set for conquest! Shall the empires of the East and West fall to the Empire in the middle?

The Erevis Cale Trilogy Updated 03/06-06 !
Erevis Cale, best known as the faithfull butler from the Semia Series, is a man with a past... a dark past. This trilogy will finally reveal some of the secret shadows of this, secrets that was only hinted at before!

The Fighters 03/06-06
Fighters! The most common adventurer found in the Realms! Always in the frontline, always making use of his weapons and armor, always... dying? But nomatter how common they are, no fighter will ever be alike! This is a series focusing on some of the many different fighters of the Realms!

The Finder's Stone Trilogy
She don't know who she is, she don't know where she is, and she don't know why! Alias and her friends Dragonbait the Saurial, Olive Ruskettle the Bard, and Akabar the mage, journeys through trouble in this trilogy. Each book is an end, and the star of the next book is not necessary the same as in the one before?!

The Harpers
The Harpers are the semi-secret organization which fight for the common good of the realms. From the Mage-ruled lands of Thay to the distant jungles of Chult, Harpers, both famous and little-known, oppose the might of the Zhentarim, evil rulers, otherplanar fiends and their like. Each book in this serie completes its story, but the Harpers you read about might stick around for another fight against darkness!

House of Serpents Updated 03/06-06 !
In the city of Hlondeth on the Vilhon Reach, the serpentpeople of the Yuan-Ti rules and humans are secondranking citizens. But even among scales and fangs, plots brews and many make a grap for power, or just intend to create pure chaos!

The Hunter's Blades Trilogy
Back again in a epic solo-quest, Drizzt Do'Urden must face off against the untold Orcish hordes of the north. They are mean, lean and green, and coming south!

The Icewind Dale Trilogy
Pretty near the end of the world lies a place called Icewind Dale. Its a place of ice, cold, monsters and barbarians, but also a world of heroes. Follow Bruenor Battlehammer, Dwarven king, Drizzt Do'Urden, renegade Drow Ranger, Catti-Brie, adopted Human daughter of Bruenor, Wulfgar, the mighty barbarian, and Regis, the sneaky little Halfling. Follow them on the incredible journeys and battles in the savage north (and south!).

The Last Mythal Updated 03/06-06 !
The Elves have abandoned their great retreat to the island of Evermeet, and are returning to the mainland in great numbers. This trologu will deal with the tempestuous impacts this will have on the lands of Faerun.

The Legend of Drizzt Updated 03/06-06 !
Drizzt Do'Urden is without doubt the character who stars in the greatest number of FR-books, among them several trilogies. Now you can read about his life and adventures in one complete series that reveals the full Legend of Drizzt!

Lost Empires
The novels of the Lost Empires covers stories which have roots in the distant past of the Realms. Its about secrets, powers and evils and ancient kingdoms that are almost forgotten, but just won't stay hidden!

The Maztica Trilogy
In the beginning of an epic adventure, the Golden Legion sets sail to find a tradeway by sail to the fabled lands of Kara-Tur. Instead they find a whole new continent, Maztica! Hungry for gold they land, but they are only a part of a destiny, and the eyes og Gods as well as mortals lies on one couple, a warrior of the Golden Legion and a native girl. Soon the True World shall be on the edge of chaos

Miscellaneous Books
To put it short, this title covers all the books which isn't in a Trilogy or named series... and there sure are a lot of those around!

The Moonshae Trilogy
High up north lies the Moonshaes, a collection of rocky islands. Its a place of fierce Northmen, powerful Druids, legends and nature, but evil forces threatens to engulf the whole area and plung it into darkness.

The Netheril Trilogy
3000 years ago, at a time where even Elminsters forefathers wasn't even born, the great and decadent Netheril empire was at its greatest. Powerful mages ruled from flying cities and they regarded those at the ground as mere things of play!

The Nobles
Nobles are not people content with counting their money and throwing huge parties. They plot and fight in the shadows, they meddle with governments and spend their money on rogues and wines. Read about the Nobles and the people around and against them in this serie where every book is a complete story!

The Priests
Countless Gods and deties has an eye and ear on lands known as the Forgotten Realms. Their wished and interests are carried out by the faithful followers, the Priest! A series of stand alone novels that feautres the followers of Gods!

Return of the Archwizards
The return of the mighty Archwizards of ancient Netheril might be at hand! A great and ancient evil is loosened on the land, and even the Chosen of Mystra is put into defense. The Netherese shadowmagic might be the only thing that can save the day, but its not something played with lightly.

The Rogues
The iconic character of the rogue is in this series fully explored as it in a line of stand alone novels travels through the lands of the Old Empires and their twisted alleys.

The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy
A powerful and noble family aligned under a Paladin banner, stuff for legends... but legends of fame or infamy? With struggles both from afar and within they must battle to survive, both as a family as a city!

The Sembia Series
A country ruled by merchants with cities ruled by rich merchant families. Follow such a family and its company through the twisted cities and dark secrets of the Forgotten Realms!

The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy
When the chaos of the Time of Trouble set upon the land, the evil Shadowmasters from the Demiplane of Shadows see their chance to launch an attack against their great enemy, Elminster, and the rest of the realms. Only Elminster and a trio of Harper Rangers can save the realms from plunging into shadows.

Shandril's Saga
She only wanted to have some adventure in her life, but when she discovered that she was gifted with the powers of Spellfire, Shandril found that adventure can be too much, especially when all of the realms is out to get you and your power!

Songs & Swords
The famous couple of Danilo Thann and Arilyn Moondblade are known from several books, especially from the Harpers-series. Here every book featuring their exploits are collected in their own serie of sword-play and bardic skills

Starlight & Shadows
The Dark Elf Liriel and her human companion Fyodor is a strange couple and their voyages bring them through many strange places! Here are their exploits collected into a single series!

The Threat From the Sea
The world beneath the seas of the Realms has awakened! An ancient terror has risen anew from the seabed, determined to rule the world, both above and beneath the waves!

The Twilight Giants Trilogy
High up north can be found the kingdom of Hartvale where Giants, Giant-kin and Humans dwell in relative peace. Now, the peace is broken and soon war erupts between the races, a war which takes its beginning in the dawn of the giant races.

War of the Spider Queen
Menzoberranzen, greatest home of the evil Drow is not a place for the bored, but when civil wars starts brewing beneath the alters of Lolth, the whole city becomes a boiling keg which are bound to explore and the war will be as wicked as such can be!

The Watercourse Trilogy 03/06-06
Some has it, some don't have it, and then some have it a plenty! Strength of will, power and intelligence are whats appreciated in the south, but who will engineer and build the greatest project in the history of Faerun? Who will build the Watercourse?

The Wizards 03/06-06
The Forgotten Realms are lands of magic, and where there's magic, there got to be people ot wield it! Some of the magic they wield are special! Some of the magicusers are special! But all as one they are know as... the Wizards!

The Year of Rogue Dragons Updated 03/06-06 !
The Dracorage they call, a time where an unknown force grips the evil Dragons ot the realm and send them on a destructive flight across the lands, bringing havoc and death! This Trilogy delves into the heart of the latest Dracorage, to seek the details behind it!

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