Fantasy Novels

Misc. Fantasy Novels
Under this heading can be found the books from popular fantasy authors which is are not to be found in a serie or trilogy, or which are counted as legends all by themselves!

Novels of Tolkien
The father of Fantasy, who's books of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy gave birth to the fantasy genre. No bookshelf should ever be without them!

The Adventures of Harry Potter
Follow the world-famous Harry Potter in his amazing adventures in a world of magic, sorcery, humour and fun, but also darkness and death!

The Death Gate Cycle
A world has been ripped apart a long time ago and is now isolated in the 4 elemental worlds of Air, Earth, Fire & Water. But mistakes and magic is brought forth anew, and as the Death Gate is opening and the worlds will be forever changed!

The Sword of Truth
An epic saga, set in a world were the fascinating quests and powerful magic is the day. Focus is put on the soul, be it for evil or good, but the truth shall be revealed by the sword.

The Discworld Novels
The world of Discworld flows through space, supported by four elephants standing on the back of a giant turtle. Its a world of fantasy, adventures and crazy gags. Death is always waiting in the shadows... unless he is busy elsewhere!

3rd Edition D&D Novels
A serie of books featuring the characters depicted and illustrated in various D&D Game Books. Each book show a new wellknown hero in a universe with a content taken straight from the world of D&D.

Legend of the Five Rings
An epic tale set in a far mythical east where skills, powers and magic are an artform and where clans wage war against each other and to save their realm!

Scarred Lands Novels
A land which is scarred by a war between Gods and titans must spawn some adventures, and indeed the novels from the Scarred Lands deals with these adventures.

The Magic Kingdom of Landover
A magic kingdom is put for sale and sold for the sum of 1.000.000! But the kingdom comes complete with trouble, and the buyer are newer sure what happends next in his Magic Kingdom of Landover!

The Chronicles of Narnia
In a magical land beyond time, a group of children is caught in the eternal battle between good and evil. It takes many visits to the realm, but and adventure awaits every time!

The Belgariad
An epic saga where a prophecy thousands of years old is about to take place, and a young man finds that his life is suddenly about to change! For good or worse? Who can Say!?

The Malloreon
The dark prophecy makes another try to become the one and true prophecy, and soon the world is about to change again!

The Elenium
When his queen is put under a mighty curse thats in the end is going to kill her, Sparhawk and his friends in arms must travel the world to find the cure, before another takes the throne and an ancient evil is going to bring doom to the land!

The Tamuli
An urgent message tells that trouble is brewing in lands far away! Sparhawk, his wife and friends travel to investigate, and they soon discover that The Elenium were a picnic compared to what they are up against this time!

The World of Shannara
In a perhaps not so distant world, populated by Elves, Trolls, Dwarves, Humans and Gnomes, the artifacts, descendants and legends Shannara is perhaps the only things that keeps the world safe from the terrors of the past, present and future.

The Sovereign Stone Trilogy
The authors of the Dragonlance world and The Death Gate Cycle strikes back with a new and exciting world! Care to see what they have in store for you?

The Spellsong Cycle
A world where the art of song is an art of power and sorcery, and the spellsong is the strongest spell of them all!

The Recluce Series
Islands of power, Islands of magic. Different fractions wage war with arms and sorcery, but what else can you expect from such a mix-up?

The Wheel of Time
Time has fallen under a shadow but the wheel keeps turning and brings adventure to those it touches

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