Dragonlance Novels

Dragonlance Chronicles
Dragons are tales for children.. or are they? In the world of Krynn, a new order is about to take place, and Dragons, Gods and Mortals all have their own place they shall fit into!

Dragonlance Legends
Raistlin Majere became the prime dark robed mage of Krynn, but his eyes are set on higher goals... he wants to take the place of the Dark Queen herself and become a God!

Dragonlance Heroes
Visit the heroes of past and legend. From Huma and his Minotaur friend Kaz, to the Dwarves of Thorbardin and the unlucky Weasel, we learn how the real life of a hero takes place. Its not always gold and honor, but its the stuff of legends!

Dragonlance Preludes
How came the Heroes of the Lance to be? What happend to them when they were young, long before the Dragons returned? The answer to these questions lies in the preludes to the War of the Lance!

The Meetings Sextet
How did the Heroes of the Lance grow up? How did they meet? Why did they choose to walk together? Find out!

Dragonlance Tales
How did the events we hear so much about take place? How came the Kender and Gnomes to be, and what did really happend during the Cataclysm? The answers are well buried in time, but perhaps a few tales can tell another story?!

The Age of Mortals
Now when the Gods have passed on, a new era has come to Krynn. Its a whole new age that takes place, the Age of Mortals!

The Barbarians
As the world changes, one way of life doesn't change much, the way of the Barbarians! But in a time with other heroes and much unexplored land, something got to change anyway!

Bridges of Time
Time is a crucial element in the world of Krynn. What these tales and legends are about, only time will tell, so journey on the wings of time, to places and stories before and after the Chaos War!

The Chaos Wars
The peace of Krynn is about to be shattered as Chaos returns to the world. When the wars sweep across the world of Gods and Mortals, nothing in the world of Dragonlance is ever going to be as it once was!

The Crossroads Series
With the prominent Majere family as a background, we are taken on a tour to explore the famous places of Krynn as they were after the Fifth Age began and before the War of Souls took place!

The Dark Disciple
The story of how Mina fared in the world of Krynn after the last great war, her trials, travels and maybe road to peace.

The Defenders of Magic
Magic is a powerful force in the lands of Krynn. Magic is used, magic is worshipped, and magic is devastating! Stories from the world of magic are here to spellbind you!

The Dhamon Saga
Scoundrel or hero? He's difficult to put a mark on, but read his saga and give him an evaluation yourself!

Dragonlance Classics
The classic tales about events, people, places whose history has been glimpsed but never revealed. Some of those stories are moved into the light in the Dragonlance Classics.

Dragonlance Dragons
Dragons, the liftblood of the world known as Dragonlance. Good and evil, feared and worshipped, the Dragons has been a part of the stories since the beginning, but there are even more to say, and some of it comes here!

Dragons of a New Age
Even after the Chaos Wars, Krynn is still a world of Dragons, but now its Dragons of a whole new size, and a whole new age!

The Dwarven Nations Trilogy
The Dwarves have a history which dates back to the distant past of krynn. Now, for the first time, much of that history are revealed, clouds dissipated and precious stones uncovered!

The Elven Nations Trilogy
The Elves where one of the first races in the world. They were created for good, but strife and wars among the Elven Nations are not uncommon, and they are all part of the history of Krynn.

The Ergoth Trilogy
Hundreds of years before the Great Cataclysm, the mighty empir of Ergoth was a place of civil war were warlords battled among each other. A young peasant shall change this and make himself a place in history!

The Icewall Trilogy
An Elf is exiled from his tribe and wanders the frozen wastes of the icelands. But even the cold lands at the Icewall is brewing with legendary troubles!

The Kingpriest Trilogy
He was the man who called down the Cataclysm on the planet of Krynn. But what brought him to the edge of sanity where he made his demands to the Gods? This Trilogy might have the answers!

The Linshae Trilogy
In the time after the War of Souls, a new villain is born, and a new person emerge to counter it; Linshae Majere, grandchild of one of the famous heroes of the first ages!

The Lost Histories
Tales from the past about the races of Krynn which has almost disappeared in the river of time. The Irda, beautiful Ogres, the Dargonesti, Elves of the Sea and many other. Rediscover them!

Lost Legends
The legends lost in time, stories of the greatest and darkest mage of all time, Fistandantilus, and the founder of the Solamnic Knights, Vinas Solamnus!

The Minotaur Wars
After the War os Souls much changes on the world of Krynn! Among those are the situation for the honorable warriors of the Minotaur society... this is their history and their wars fought!

Miscellaneous Books
Here you find all the books from the Dragon-haunted world of Krynn that doesn't belong to a serie or group, but are sure worth reading anyway!

The New Adventures
A series of novels written for the younger audience, the New Adventures concentrates on a group of heroes, bunded in friendship and...trouble!

The Raistlin Chronicles
Raistlin became the most famous and notorious wizard of Krynn of all times. Legends about him and his brother Caramon are many, but how much is true?

The Rise of Solamnia Trilogy
Solamnia is a nation that has fostered the mighty knightly order of the Knights of Solamnia, but the countrys past is made up from times of tyranny, heroism and legacy! This is the story of a land...

The Taladas Chronicles
Some characters we know much about. Some we know very little about. And then there's them we are going to hear a lot about in the future... such a person is Taladas!

Tales of the Fifth Age
A new age is dawning in the world of Krynn, an age with new heroes, new enemies and new tales, Tales of the Fifth Age!

Tales from the War of Souls
As the war of souls waged across the planet of Krynn, heroes and villians gave birth to tales of heroism and infamy. The Tales from the War of Souls give you a glimpse of what happend behind the scenes of that war!

The Villains Series
With lots of heroes abroad, a world needs villians to counter them! In the world of Krynn the villians come in all shapes and power, and here you can get to know some of them.

The War of Souls
Wars once again threatens the lands of Krynn, but in a time long after the Chaos Wars, where nothing is the same as before, its a whole new kind of war!

The Warriors
Krynn is home to many different warriors, some of them you have heard about when they were co-starring in other novels! But here you can read about the warriors themselves, what let them to be what they are, and what brought them into the Dragonlance tales, chronicles and legends.

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