Welcome to the Realm

Welcome to Realm of the Dragoneers

Est sularus oth Mithas (My Honour is my Life)

Welcome to my personal world of Dungeons & Dragons!
I've played this game for more than a decade and have been "teaching" it in my sparetime for quite some time too!
On this page I will, among other things, introduce you to some of the monsters, spells and items, which I and many others from around the world have created for the game during the years, along with some alternate rules that might spice up an interesting game.
The pages are updated frequently. To see what has been added or moved since your last visit, go check:
Whats New in the Realm?

Anyway, browse the site and if you find something you like, feel free to use it in your game at your own leisure!
Also, if you you have something of your own you think belong here too, feel free to contact me!

Ok, let's enter the world of creative AD&D and D&D. Check out the frame on your left!

- L.P.Hogan, Webmaster