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It has been stated for a fact that it can sometimes be difficult to keep a complete count on the changes on the site.
This has been noted, and therefore this page will feature all the addings and updates made on Realm of the Dragoneers.

Right Now! (as of 27.12.2011)

Not much is happening in my life of gaming, except for the occasional game with the wife I don't see much action on this front, and with the game passing into 4th edition, which I will not touch with a 10-feet pole, future adventures do not look promising...

However, I've found time to do a little site-maintaining, just in case there are people who stumble by and might see a use for some of the old 2nd and 3rd Edition stuff, if nothing else just as a piece of curiosity, so slowly all files are turning to easy-accessible PDF-format.

... and if you dare believe it, a few new things ARE slowly finding their way to the site too :-)

The game may be dead to me, but it still lives on in my mind!
- Hogan

If you want to keep up with the addings on the site, consult this page or check up on the Forum

27/12-11 New Ideas: Random Magic Item Tables added to 3rd Edition

19/04-11 New Monsters: Sharkpony added to 3rd Edition

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