The Uncanny X-Sprites
The Uncanny X-Sprites

- None recorded

- Sluggy Freelance - Bun-Bun and Kiki appear at the great Anniversary for 1 year of X-Sprites! 24-11-2003
- Something Positive - Choo-Choo Bear is participating in celebrating the Anniversary of Uncanny X-Sprites! 24-11-2003
- Warp 9 to Hell - Looks like Mangler is the focus of problems at the X-Sprite Anniversary... not his fault though! 24-11-2003
- Bob and George - Author hangs around in what turns out to be the one year X-Sprite Anniversary! 24-11-2003
- Penny Arcade - Bringing attitude aplenty, both Gabe and Tycho shows up to the Anniversary! 24-11-2003
- PvP Online - Skull finds out that being blue is not case enough to build familarity on...! 24-11-2003
- 8-Bit Theater - Fighter and Black Mage have one of their usual intermezzos, interrrupted by Ninja! 24-11-2003
- Real Life - They invited Greg, but somehow the Shirt Ninja showed up at the X-Sprite Anniversary! 24-11-2003

Uncanny X-Sprites cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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