- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Roomies and the Sci-Fi club battles it out against each other! 30-07-2001
- It's Walky! - From dimension to dimension, the Sci-Fi club meets SEMME! Starting 20-04-2003
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Will and Rikk returns to the College of the Roomies to get some advice! 16-06-2003
- Penny & Aggie - In another world much like this one, geeks like Penny are protected by... Fans! 15-12-2008

- I Can't Stop Thinking - "Nott" McCloud tries to blend in, but later gives the crossover history! Strip 283
- Gaming Guardians - Looks like Graveyard Greg has signed up for the Science Fiction Club! Archived locallyStrip 665
- Elf Life - A quote from Baughb gives a foreboding entry to an extended cameo vy the very same! Strip 806
- Clan of the Cats - Cassiopeia Chattan brings havoc to the underground musical talents... Family? Strip 1032
- Sluggy Freelance - A couple of "Slutty" Freelance magazines is a part of a devious imagined torture! Strip 1206
- Narbonic - Hot Damn! The chief villain turns out to be... Helen's mother! Strip 1540
- Saga of the Ram - Looks like even the Ram (or a good cosplayer) has showed up to join this army! Strip 1569
- Sluggy Freelance - So the teams even fought Psykis in the Dimension of Pain? Pretty tough nuts! Strip 1640
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Among the transducing creatures send against Alan is Chex! Strip 1663
- Sluggy Freelance - No matter which version he is found in across the dimensions, Riff will never change! 14-05-2010
- Questionabel Content - Both Hannalore and Marigold have apparently been joining the newly appointed Team Gamma! 30-01-2011
- Penny Arcade - Powering up, Gabe's trusty consol launches a forcefull attack on the assembled villains! 29-11-2011
- Questionable Content - Having joined the Aegis crew, Marigold proves that her swordplay is excellent! 29-11-2011
- Dr. McNinja - Slicing through, Dr. Macninja strikes hard on the side of Aegis against the Cuckoos! 29-11-2011
- Shortpacked! - Ethan and Jacob are on the full run for Rumy's havoc in town! 26-01-2012
- Rip & Teri - Rip tries pulling Teri to safety, running from the chaos that is Rumy running amok! 26-01-2012
- Dr. McNinja - Bellhop pulls the best trick on Dr. McNinja... by getting him away from the fight for good! 15-03-2012

Fans cameos/references can be found in:
- Conscrew - For Christmas, there's a 9-K to the whole cast in the great bag! 25-12-2002
- It's Walky! - Rumy has an eye on the TV in Head Alien's inner sanctum! 26-01-2003
- Mnemesis - Harry walks glooming past, not minding the job-hunting people on the bench at all! 15-02-2003
- Elf Only Inn - At WCCA 2003, Fans was nominated for the catagory of Outstanding Writing! 07-07-2003
- Narbonic - Shanna Cochran has a forced but extended cameo in the panel, but its a vocal appearance! 22-12-2004
- Shortpacked! - Well, Fans DID end, but since the last storyline was drawn by David Willis...? 29-04-2005
- Magellan - Fans is a great comicbook, and its understandable Bugle would go through the trash to find an issue! 21-10-2005
- The Best and the Brightest - Rick is giving good reasons for why people should sign up at his university! 25-12-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Though the comic has ended, somebody still keep Fans under surveillance! 20-04-2007
- Mindmistress - Poor Jackie has become a prisoner, lured by Deception and trapped in a nightmare! 07-05-2007
- Shortpacked! - Shanna has gone out for a quiet cup of coffee, but her scowl has followed her! 12-03-2010
- Penny and Aggie - Looks like Meighan's new job this time has put her in contact with Sara! 15-03-2010
- Evil Overlords United - Arriving they are in the comics of Fans! ... though you will have to see before you believe! 05-02-2011
- Widgetitis - .Well, you got to hand it to Baxter... Facebook before National Security. Priorities! 04-03-2011
- Guilded Age - Hurricane Software better beware, this world's Shanna Cochran is on the trail of a story! 15-10-2012

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