- None recorded

- Magical Misfits - Looks like there is something up in Shelterville, and IRA and Malice is mixed up in it! 06-01-2011
- Times Like This - Both Cassie and Philip have taken the train to the Transdimensional Nexus that is Tyrion! 07-01-2012

D.D.S.R. cameos/references can be found in:
- Life & Death - Despite the flames, Cedrick the Burning Lord DID get a cone to celebrate the 500 strips! 02-04-2008
- Life & Death - Cedrick The Burning Lord has just entered the building for the 800 strip celebration! 19-04-2010
- Life & Death - There's always room for one more at the party, and Cedrick the Burning Lord lights up! 06-01-2011
- Geminni - Looks like Jay is just right for Hyu's taste... enough to invite Moogi along! 15-06-2011
- Life & Death - Cedrick has around at the 1000 strip party, having found common ground with fiery Chaos! 19-09-2011
- Life & Death - Cedrick seems to be enjoying the L&D 1100th strip party... even when Steve is not around! 19-06-2012
- The KAMics - It was about time someone named a drink after the one and only Burning Lord! 25-12-2013

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